The history of the open joint-stock company Smorgon Aggregate Plant begins on June 27, 1986, when by the order of the Minister of Tractor and Agricultural Machinery, the directorate of the Minsk Tractor Plant branch was established. IN AND. Lenin in the city of Smorgon. The first director of the plant was Stanislav Nikolaevich Lobachev, under whose leadership the construction of factory buildings, social infrastructure was carried out, and the creation of the main structural divisions of the enterprise.


A year after the start of construction, the non-standard equipment shop began to produce the first products, and in 1989, the first technically complex product, the woodworking device PD-1, was mastered. In 1991, the production of the trailer of automobile P05-01 was started, and in 1992 the production of the mini-tractor MTZ-082 was mastered.

In 1996, the enterprise began to produce MTZ-06 and MTZ-08 tractors, and in 2006 the first tractor "Belarus" of the 921 series came off the assembly line.
In 1994, the branch was reorganized into an independent enterprise - the Smorgon Aggregate Plant as part of the Minsk Tractor Plant, and in 2000, the SAZ became a republican unitary enterprise. On December 31, 2014, the Smorgon Aggregate Plant was transformed into an open joint stock company. On December 14, 2014 the open joint-stock company Smorgon Aggregate Plant became a participant in the MTZ-Holding holding.
Today, the open joint-stock company Smorgon Aggregate Plant is the largest enterprise located in the Smorgon region. The enterprise employs 1,102 workers, the occupied area is 79 hectares.
Currently, Smorgon Aggregate Plant specializes in the production of small-size machinery: Beloruss-09N motoblocks and Belarus-132N mini tractors, Belarus-152 with a full range of additional equipment for them for various agricultural and communal services with hinged, semi-mounted, trailed and stationary machines and implements. The company also produces semi-mounted and circulating plows, six, seven, eight and nine-body hinged equipment for the production of municipal and harvesting equipment on the basis of Belarus tractors, Belarus-921 garden tractors and its modifications, units and parts for Belarus tractors ", Supplied to the head conveyor of the Minsk Tractor Plant.