Dear customers!

      We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the shipment of the Beloruss-09N moto unit from OAO SAZ is carried out in conjunction with the universal coupling ST-00010 and the 05-4235011-A (2 pcs.), Belarus-132N and Belarus-152 mini tractors - complete with loads 05-4235011-4 (4 pcs.).
        There are cases of supply of mini-equipment on the market of the Republic of Belarus without the above mentioned positions, with offers to purchase a hitch and cargo for an additional fee.

The engine is on sale!

      JSC Smorgon Aggregate Plant offers individuals and legal entities for cash and cashless calculation of the engine for the WEIMA WM-188 motor block, in number of 3 units, with a capacity of 13 hp.
       The engine is in working condition. Disadvantages: damage to the aluminum housing, which does not affect the performance of the engine.
        The selling price of the engine is 380.00 bel. rub. (VAT included).
        For all questions regarding the purchase of engines, please contact the following phones:
      - Head of the Department of Material and Technical Supply and Transport - Laevsky G.V. - 8029 6409302;
        - Head of Section No. 1 - Grivitsky O.Ya. - 8029 3074861.