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On July 15, a visiting session of the Grodno Regional Council of Deputies was held in Smorgon

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July 10-from the very morning, the agro-town of Alexandria in the Shklovsky district plunged into the atmosphere of a big holiday

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Republican thematic holiday " Open Roads Day"

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    The interactive platforms at the event were presented by the Ministry of Defense, MAZ and MTZ enterprises, OSVOD, the Belarusian Red Cross Society, the High-Tech Park, the Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth, etc. DOSAAF specialists told about the work of driving schools, and employees of the Minsk Aero Club offered those who wanted to put on a parachutist's uniform, unfold and fold the parachute. The Ministry of Emergency Situations workers invited those who wanted to go inside the smoke tent, sit in the passenger compartment of a shifter car, climb to a height on a crank lift.

JSC "Smorgon Aggregate Plant" presented its products at the exhibition:

-Belarus-08N tillerblock with KOHLER engine;

- mini tractor Belarus-112N-01;

-small-sized tractor BELARUS-152 (with the installation of cargo 05-4235011-A).

Interactive platforms with all kinds of entertainment were prepared for the visitors of the holiday. The central site of the traffic police with an exhibition of official cars and motorcycles became central

85 big1 Radio-controlled cars, inflatable slides and other entertainment were waiting for children at the festival. A real motor city unfolded on the site. An intersection with traffic lights, road signs, and markings was equipped for young Minsk residents and guests of the capital. There, the kids, under the supervision of a real traffic controller, were able to drive children's electric cars. Young visitors were also given the opportunity to paint a Geely car with special paints.

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The 31st International Specialized Exhibition "Belagro-2021", which this year for the first time was located in the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park" Great Stone", was a success.

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      The 31st International Specialized Exhibition "Belagro-2021", which this year for the first time was located in the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park" Great Stone", was a success. This was stated at the closing ceremony of the forum by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Alexey Bogdanov.

     The growth of popularity is indicated by the following fact: if last year there were 360 participants from 13 countries, now there are 410 from 16. The exhibition was visited by 20 official delegations. A large number of representatives of the business community from many countries came. The forum was attended by more than 32 thousand people. On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Alexey Bogdanov expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to the organization of the presentation of the achievements of the agro-industrial complex. For active participation in the exhibition, about 100 exhibitors were awarded first-degree diplomas: enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the           Ministry of Industry, Belkoopsoyuz, and the National Academy of Sciences.
Everyone who comes into contact with agriculture is interested in what is new on the market and what are the mechanical engineers working on? What new technologies are being used now and what can we expect tomorrow? What is still an idea today and what will we see in the new agricultural machinery in the near future? All these questions could be answered by visiting Belagro-2021. More than 200 samples of modern equipment used in agriculture could be seen in the open area.
     The visitors of the exhibition were met by beautiful tractors from MTZ. The giant's exposition, as always, is very popular with guests. Modern tractors can be viewed in detail, as well as immerse yourself in history by studying the models of agricultural engineering of the last century.
JSC "Smorgon Aggregate Plant" presented its products at the exhibition: mini-tractor Belarus-112N-01, mini-tractor Belarus-132MT with a KOHLER engine, small-sized tractor BELARUS-152 (with a KOHLER engine) with bulldozer equipment OB12-00.000-01 and a tillage cutter FR-00.700-B, tractor BELARUS-921.3, tractor Belarus-82.3 with the installation of the equipment of the working loader P10M.

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      Also demonstrated was the new Belarus-08MT tillerblock with a YAMAHA MX400VZEL-7AT petrol engine, with a maximum engine power of 9.4 kW, in a new plastic lining.

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        Экспозиция нашей техники пользовалась повышенным вниманием гостей выставки.

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      The exhibition became a real holiday. Colorful design of expositions, presentations and tastings of products, "city of masters", fair-sale and performances of creative teams gave visitors a great mood.bel2 big