On March 4, Deputy chairman of the district executive Committee Tatyana Shcheberyako met with the staff of the aggregate plant. During the meeting, the delegate of the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly Tatyana Nikolaevna told about her participation in the work of the People's Forum, focused on the main results of the past five-year plan for the district.

- The more time passes from the moment of participation, the impressions begin to fade, - Tatyana Shcheberyako noted. - At first, the emotions were overwhelming. On the first day, from the speech of the head of state, on the second – from the speeches of the participants of the national assembly, in particular, representatives of other states. But to feel it, you had to be in the hall and plunge into that atmosphere. Different opinions were expressed, and the floor was given to everyone. It turned out to be a frank conversation with the head of state. A large-scale forum was held, which crowned the end of the five-year plan and the entry into a new one. The results are summed up, plans for the next five years are formed.


As Tatyana Nikolaevna noted, the country lives in very difficult conditions. The pandemic, which has already turned one year since the first sick person was recorded, made its own adjustments. Nevertheless, in five years, the industry of the Smorgon district has increased production by 5 times. The export of goods also increased by 5 times. The third part of the products that are loaded outside the republic are produced at the enterprises of our district. Smorgon district grew by 22.5% in agriculture. At the end of 2020, the registered unemployment rate was 0.2%. There are 600 job offers in the bank today, which is 9 times more than the number of officially unemployed people.


-The social orientation of the forum was also discussed, - says Tatiana Shcheberyako. - It is reflected in the main provisions of socio-economic development for 2021-2025. By the end of the five-year period, we must increase the gross domestic product by at least 1.2 times to the level of 2020, increase investment in fixed assets by more than 1.2 times to the level of 2020, increase exports of goods and services-more than 50 billion US dollars, increase real disposable income of the population by 1.2 times, including the growth of pension provision above the level of inflation.


Natalia RYLEEVA.

Photo by Denis YAROVSKY.