Workers of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant traditionally take part in the noble cause of improvement of the city and the district. Sincere words of gratitude and gratitude from the inhabitants of Smorgon - the best reward for the work of factory employees.
       Alexei Artemov, the deputy director of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant, says that every year on the eve of the Victory Day the workers of the enterprise are engaged in improvement and repair of monuments in the villages of Yagodnoye and Shutovici dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War, officers, civilians. This year was not an exception. Through the efforts of members of the trade union organization of the plant, the public association "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" and the republican public association "Belaya Rus", order was put into the territory of the monuments, current repairs were made. To the great Victory Day monuments were presented to the residents of the district in an updated form.
      In the current year, Yevgeny Stankevich, Acting Director of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant, was elected to the District Council of Deputies for the 5th Factory Electoral District, which includes part of the Koreni microdistrict, where a significant part of the plant's employees live. The problems of the microdistrict are known to the head and deputy not by hearsay. One of the main problems is the improvement of the microdistrict. In order to somehow move it from the place, Yevgeny Alexandrovich suggested that the local residents begin the improvement with their own forces. Many responded to his appeal. Local people, workers of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant, came to the event to restore order. Within a few hours, three courtyards were refined - dust, sand, rubbish, last year's foliage was removed. On the site of the foundation of the old store, where a spontaneous dump had already started, a beautiful flowerbed was planted, young trees were planted nearby. Direct active participation in the event was received by the acting president himself. Director of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant Evgeny Stankevich.
       As part of the sponsorship of the Smalgon Kindergarten No. 14, which is also located in the Koreni microdistrict, the Smorgon Aggregate Plant helped to purchase and install elements of the playground. Small residents of Smorgon have an excellent opportunity to have fun while riding a roller coaster, a swing.
       As you know, the year 2018 was declared the Year of the Little Motherland in our country, and the activities of the administration and the trade union committee of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant, aimed at helping the native city and district, can serve as a good example for all Belarusians devoted to their country.