Anniversary fifty-thousand walk-behind tractor Belarus-09H is descended from the production conveyor of the platform on release of the mini-equipment of JSC SAP in August, 2016.Release of the anniversary equipment – a milestone event. To release of such equipment the plant went step by step. The MTZ-06, MTZ-08 Motor-block became the first products of JSC SAZ in 1996, what defined further specialization of the enterprise.
Today JSC "SAP" offers consumers motor-block Belarus-09Н – engine Honda, power of 8.2 HP, walk-behind tractor Belarus-012WM – Weima engine, 13 HP, two-wheel tractor Belarus-09Н-02 – Weima engine, power 9 HP
Motor-block Belarus-09Н has many functions: it is designed for tillage of the soil, harrowing, cultivation, inter-row treatment of potatoes and beets, lawn-mowering, shipping, stationary works, driven by the PTO shaft, and also for use in municipal services for road cleaning and snow removal.
Currently, the plant works on the production of tillers with full set of attachments:
Anniversary motor-block Belarus-09Н immediately after leaving the shop will go to its new owner. But just lately our tillers traveled to 25 countries – the CIS countries, Distant foreign countries, Georgia, Russia, Belarus. Today motor-block Belarus-09Н works in almost every farm of the Republic of Belarus. Works for a long time and successfully. Popularity tillers gained at the expense of flexibility in work and reasonable prices, which is one of the determining factors when buying. Consumers also noted good reliability motor-block Belarus-09Н. "Before decide to buy, we looked at a lot of tillers, and made it not only for its price. First of all, we appreciated the point that when working, you can use the whole complex of the hinged equipment: a plough, cutter, potato digger, cultivator, harrow, trailer, rotary mower, utility brush, snow-plough and blade," say the users of our equipment.
Noting the contribution of the factory workers in the production of fifty tillers and achieve high performance in improving production efficiency, product quality, the working team was granted a prize in connection with this remarkable event.