Fans of skiing have long been accustomed to the vagaries of the Belarusian winter, by the way, last year in mind

this holiday did not take place without snow cover. Therefore, this year, after the snow fell, the organizers

events, - Department of Sports and Tourism of the Smorgon district Executive Committee, provided an opportunity to compete

to the best skiers of the area, prepare a good ski run.

The competition program for enterprises and organizations included a ski relay and a mass race among men (2 km) and women (1 km).The ski relay consisted of four stages of 1 km each.

Women were the first to start, and it was mandatory for the head of the organization to complete the relay, otherwise penalty minutes were awarded.

In the relay race, the team of the plant did not leave any chances for victory to the permanent favorites of this type of competition and confidently

it took the first place among labor collectives. On the second step of the podium is the team of the Department of Education,

the third place was taken by b/h 2044.

At the first stage, the team of our company was represented by Anna Dubovik (SBIR), stages 2-3 were represented by Eduard Pozlevich (ATU),

Maxim Padunovich (Shop No. 1, plot No. 3). At the fourth stage, Alexander Burko, Director of Smorgon Aggregate Plant, entered the race,

who retained the advantage gained in the previous stages and contributed to winning the team gold.


          In the mass race among women, in the age group of 36 years and older (distance of 1 km), a convincing victory was won by Anna Dubovik (SBiR).


Congratulations to our athletes on a remarkable victory, and we also wish them good luck in the next competitions.

Instructor-methodist in the field of

sports and recreation,

sports and mass work OK V. V. Zakharevich