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The latest development of the Smorgon aggregate plant, the all-wheel drive mini-tractor "Belarus-112N-01" with a 13-horsepower Honda engine, as it became known, was included in the production plan for September. Soon the novelty should appear in the branded stores of MTZ-holding. That's what the developers themselves told about the new machine. Mini-tractor "Belarus-112N-01" is an improved model of mini-tractor "Belarus-132N" and allows to carry out a wide range of agricultural and communal works such as, for example, plowing light soils, harrowing and cultivation, inter-row processing of potatoes and beets, application of mineral fertilizers, grass mowing, cleaning of streets and territories from debris and snow, filling up pits and trenches.
In addition, the new mini-tractor can be used for cargo transportation, as well as for various jobs using stationary units and installations driven by PTO, for example, woodworking units, pumps.

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Mini-tractor "Belarus-112N-01" is equipped with a Japanese professional engine Honda GX390, which has a high motor resource and increased efficiency, which will allow processing the soil with the greatest efficiency. Motor gasoline (AI-92), air cooling. The displacement of the cylinders is 389 cm3. The rated power of the engine is 9.6 kW (13 hp). The twisting moment is 24 N • m. The specific fuel consumption at the operating capacity is 313 g / (kW · h). The capacity of the fuel tank is 6 liters. Drive - 4x4. Number of gears: forward - 4; reverse - 3. There is a blocking of the front axle.

The new mini-tractor is equipped with hydro-hydraulic steering, which makes it possible to control more comfortably and with less effort. Frameless construction (breaking frame) provides additional maneuverability of the tractor.

The rear hydraulic hitch allows the use of various agricultural mounted and trailed implements and communal equipment. A dual-speed power take-off shaft allows the machine to be used to drive various mechanisms and devices. The mini-tractor is adapted for a wide range of attachments, which will allow it to be used to the maximum in the seasonal or year-round mode.

The appearance of the mini-tractor was improved due to the use of plastic cladding with a more modern design and modern lighting technology. To provide comfort, the ergonomics of the controls was also improved by transferring the shift knob to the driver's arm. The safety arc has an adjustment function.

      To ensure safer traffic on public roads, the rear-view mirror and the parking brake mechanism were introduced into the mini tractor design. Instead of tires of dimension 6L-12 tires 210R13 were used, due to which the agrotechnical clearance increased (up to 300 mm). The estimated speed of the mini-tractor also increased. At the nominal engine speed on the tires of the basic configuration, it is: for the forward travel - 2,96 / 18,46 km / h (the smallest / largest transport); for the reverse - 4.20 / 13.47 (smallest / largest).

      Weight of mini-tractor: structural - no more than 495 kg; Operating without ballast - 500 kg; Operating with ballast - 570 kg. The gauge size is 600, 700 or 840 mm. The turning radius with the maximum gauge size is not more than 2.5 m. The overall dimensions of "Belarus-112N-01" are as follows: length - 2500 mm; width on the rear wheels with a maximum gauge of 1000 mm; height - 2000 mm. The wheelbase is 1030 mm.