XV regional sports games of workers of Smorgonsky district

On the weekend of May 22-23, 2021, the 15th district sports Games of workers were held in Smorgon, among the physical culture collectives of enterprises and organizations of the Smorgon district, the grand opening of which took place in the premises of the sports and recreation complex "Yunost".

For two days, the team of our plant fought for places and cups with the enterprises of the district of the 1st group, where the number of employees is more than 500 people (JSC "SAZ", RUE" Housing and Communal Services", Department of Education, SMT No. 41, SZOS, CRH).

On the first day, the competitions were held in track and field, weight lifting and tug-of-war. In track and field athletics, the winners were Dmitry Moskalenko (Shop # 3), Ivan Kardovsky (Shop # 3), Denis Chumak (Shop # 1, Site # 2), Ekaterina Zhuk (PEO). The first place in the tug of war was won by Dmitry Chizhevsky (Directorate), Andrey Shumkovsky (ATU), Anatoly Sabinich (UMIs), Denis Vasilevsky (CRTO), Dmitry Dorinov (Shop No. 4), Sergey Grinkevich (Shop No. 4). In kettlebell lifting, Andrey Shumkovsky successfully performed – 180 lifts of the kettlebell and first place, Dmitry Chizhevsky-80 lifts, second place.

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The result showed allowed our team to be located in the first place, ahead of the Department of Education by six points.

On the second day of the Workers ' Games, the plant's athletes continued to develop their success. In the table tennis competition, the team consisting of Alexander Apanovich (Household Service) and Tatiana Mazurova (OOTiZ) took first place. In mini-football, the winners were: Denis Mitskevich (Shop 3), Anatoly Sabinich (UMIs), Dmitry Chizhevsky (Directorate), Andrey Chumak (OGT), Denis Chumak (Shop # 1, Section # 2), Sergey Homan (Shop # 1, Section # 3), Ivan Kardovsky (Shop # 3). The darts team, consisting of Gennady Godenov (CRTO) and Ekaterina Kulik (INO), performed well, taking second place.



After summing up the total results for all types of competitions, the teams of the 1st group were arranged as follows: 6th place – RUE "Housing and Communal Services", 5th place – CRH, 4th place – NWOS, 3rd place – SMT No. 41, 2nd place-Department of Education. The winner of the XV district games of workers of the Smorgon district was a friendly team of the aggregate plant.

Congratulations to all of you on your remarkable victory, and we wish you good health and success in the remaining competitions of the year-round Sports Contest.

Instructor-methodist in physical education-

health, sports and mass work Zakharevich V. V.

Today, an information and propaganda group headed by the deputy chairman of the district executive committee Tatyana Shcheberyako met with the employees of the enterprise.


Employees of JSC "SAZ" took part in the events,

timed to coincide with May 9.


Opening of the Smorgon District Honor Board


On the eve of the International Workers ' Solidarity Day