On March 22-23, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko paid an official visit to Georgia

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February 24, 2018 in Smorgon land was an event that will be remembered for a long time by residents and guests of our area for its unusual. In the sand quarry, near the village of Sutkovo, for the first time in the republic, the tractor equipment "Tractor biathlon" was tested, the initiator of which was the holding "MTZ-HOLDING". The event was held in support of the Belarusian Olympians who performed at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, as well as in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.
       Together with OJSC "MTW" the organizers of the event were the Grodno Regional Executive Committee and the Smorgon District Executive Committee. We prepared seriously for the event, a track was laid in our career, a territory was planned for placing the shooting range, places for spectators, objects of trade and public catering, parking for cars, a stage and other objects.
       As noted by. Director of Smorgon Aggregate Plant, E.A. Stankevich: "For our company," Tractor biathlon "has become a landmark event. First of all, because the race was held on mini tractors, which are produced at our enterprise: Belarus-152 and Belarus-132N. 15 our products had to pass the exam in rough terrain and in difficult weather conditions, the results of which were to confirm the quality of the products produced by JSC SAZ. At the same time, on the biathlon track there were to be released not specially prepared, but the most usual serial mini-tractors. It was impossible to strike the dirt in the face and we approached this event with all responsibility. " Looking ahead, it should be said that our little ones have withstood with honor the trial, which fell to their lot, but, first of all, in order.
         The morning of February 24, 2018 met residents and guests of the Smorgon district with a 20-degree frost. Despite this, in the quarry, near the village of Sutkovo, active work was boiling: commercial tents were unfolding, field kitchens were displayed, equipment was exhibited, the last preparations were made at the biathlon stadium, the organizers were waiting for their spectators.


February 24, 2018 in the Smorgon region demonstration trials of tractor equipment "Tractor Biathlon" will be held.