Car trailer P05.02 “Belarus” is designed for transportation of different cargoes. The trailer is referred to category О1 and is designed for operation as part of vehicles of category М1 и N1, supplied with drawbar hooking device of ball-and-socket type in accordance with ОСТ 37.001.096-84 and socket in accordance with ГОСТ 9200-76.

Technical characteristics

Weight of the transported cargo, kg 500
Gross weight, kg 715
Maximum gross weight of the trailer per single axis (shaft), kg 675
Weight of the unloaded trailer, kg 200
Loading height (measured by the level of the platform floor), mm 660
Road clearance, mm 270
Wheelspan, mm 1200
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Carriage body space, m2 2,36
Overall sizes, mm 2265х1505х900